Thursday, December 9, 2010

Central Post Office Building of Semarang

Central Post Office Building at Semarang maybe is one of old building from Dutch Colonial Era that is still remaining in its original functions today. The building is situated in good exposure at the north-end side of Pemuda Street with large streets and street park in front of the building. A glimpse of old city conservation area come in sight when we stand in front of the building to facing north side area.

It not look as busy as past era when virtual communication was no longer exist and found very dominant in current world. But, the office activities inside the building is still running to make somebody is connected with others in other place and thing from this town is well delivered to other remote places. The activities that is still happen everyday and make this building still exist and alive with its functions and its old appearance.

This Central Post Office Building is located not far from Pasar Johar commercial area and its mean that it is situated not far from former 'Alun-alun' the Old City Square. Most of Central Post Office Building in capital cities in Java is located not far from originally the old city center. Seemingly, The Post Office Building is always placed as an important object in the center of town area, because post office is part of important communication facility that is should be easily found and accessible.

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