Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pasar Johar, a Building With Hundred of Octagonal Skylights

Currently, the building of this traditional central market building looks as a messy old building that surrounding by other new buildings. From day to day Pasar Johar always surrounding by large numbers of peoples who involve in traditional daily trading activities, because Pasar Johar might be the remaining largest traditional market in Semarang City where traditional traders meet with the customers.
When we come to enter the inside of the building, I think we can directly recognize 'the beauty' of the building. Under the huge large flat concrete roof we can find spacious internal spaces that consist of two floors with large atrium in the middle. Since the building is designed and built during Dutch Colonial Era, this building should be one of the largest modern market building in that era. The design was generated in modern approaches.

There are specific details we can find here are the interesting octagonal shaped roof skylights and many of typical structural columns with mushroom shapes that support the large flat concrete roof. If we zoom the building in from "Google Map" we can calculate that there are more than a hundred of octagonal skylights on the roof of Pasar Johar. Skylights that promote tropical daylights come through to the internal space of market and also enable natural air circulations.

Nowadays, Pasar Johar still alive within its functions a smain central traditional market in Semarang where can find most of daily needs such as books, magazine, shoe, textiles, vegetables, fresh meat and others. Today, Pasar Johar still looks busy and always crowded with peoples with their daily traditional trading activities.

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