Sunday, October 10, 2010

Toko "Nam Bie"; Remaining Old Retail Store at Bodjong Street

There is a simple cuboid shape building with triangular prism shape roofing near the cross road of Pemuda Street and Gajah Mada-Gendingan Street. Currently, Toko Nam Bie is an office stationary store. History notes that Toko Nam Bie was one of the early old retail stores in Bodjong Street, the name of Pemuda Street before the the Independence of Indonesia.

The interesting part of the building is its facade details that featuring a simple rich geometrical patterns on masonry louvers. It simply combined with window trellis details and simple row repetition of horizontal masonry ventilation grilles at the upper floor level. Nowadays, a combination of red, white and yellow colors to the building facade is creating a color contrast that enable this building could be easily recognized both from Pemuda Street and end-corner of Gajah Mada Street, the two main streets in Semarang City.

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