Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Toko "Naga Mas"; Remaining Old Retail Store at Bodjong Street

The address of the store is self explanatory in an embossed plaster signage text that is still displayed on the existing building facade wall. "Bodjong" was the old name of Pemuda Street before Indonesian Independence Era. Based on this it could be predicted that Toko "Naga Mas" is one of remaining old store at Pemuda Street Semarang.

The building is situated near Toko "Nam Bie" and placed directly at the cross road of Pemuda Street and Gajah Mada-Gendingan Street. The building is a single mass masonry building with a feature box tower. Different with The Pertamina Building (as described in my previous blog article), which is used to place building signage, the feature tower at Toko "Naga Mas" remains as 'blank' box tower.

As also shown and described on the other side of the existing facade signage that facing to north-east side, Toko "Naga Mas" is originally a shoe and bag store. The appearance of the building itself actually is not too big in a matter of size (compare to Toko "Nam Bie"), but visually it looks prominent enough from every point of the cross road area. The existence of an old public mail box in red orange color at the corner-end of the pedestrian, I think elaborates the building's 'vintage' look.

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