Monday, September 13, 2010

Tamarind Trees at Kalisari Street

The old story said, Semarang name as a city is originated from two local words 'asem' and 'arang'. 'Asem' is local wording for Tamarind Tree and 'arang' is local wording for rare. Maybe, this is related with many of Tamarind Trees (Tamarindus Indicus) that could be found in many streets in Semarang, particularly along Kalisari street.

Kalisari street, at north-end side is directly facing to Lawang Sewu and Tugu Muda Monument, two major city landmarks. There is a street pedestrian across 'Pasar Kembang' (flower market) with old Tamarind Trees. Actually, now this row of Tamarind Trees are distracted with the existence of 'angsana' (Pterocarpus Indicus) trees.

This pedestrian is my walking route to go and return to my junior high school near Tugu Muda Monument from Kaligarang street near Kariadi General Hospital. There were a lot of tamarind fallen fruits could be found and collected during journey home from school.

Previously, I have calculated the number of Tamarind Trees at this pedestrian side and found about remaining twenty two trees still there at the pedestrian side across Kalisari flower market.......

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