Thursday, September 30, 2010

Randusari Cathedral, an Old Church Concealed Behind Lush Trees

As described in my previous blog articles, Lawang Sewu and Tugu Muda Monument are side-by-side city landmark. When we stand in the middle of Tugu Muda Park facing to the south where Kalisari Street is situated, we can see in the left side glimpse of a Church that is concealed behind group of lush big trees.

I think Lawang Sewu, Tugu Muda, Kalisari Cathedral and also The Military Museum are one part of iconic scenery in Semarang. This scenery always strongly captures when somebody pass the streets around this area. Different with Lawang Sewu that is strongly visible in every points of view, The Randusari Cathedral appearance is hidden behind dense and lush greeneries cover.

The Randusari Cathedral is one of remaining old building from Dutch Colonial era. As noted in the history, the building is built years after the completion of the famous neighborhood building: Lawang Sewu. Half part of the Cathedral is covered with natural stone cladding with remaining white masonry wall at the upper half pat below large sloping clay roof. This looks well-blends with surrounding green big trees at the front yard, Kalisari river at the outer side and also lush green vegetation blanket that covers "Gunung Brintik" hill far behind as background. Until nowadays, this town scenery looks still naturally blend with the existence of Kalisari flower market nearby as a city green corridor.

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