Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pasar Kembang Kalisari, a green corridor in the middle of the city

Pasar Kembang Kalisari is a traditional flower market along Kalisari (Jl. Dr. Sutomo) main street. This market is situated about 100 meter from TuguMuda Monument. Pasar Kembang is actually a green corridor in the middle of the city, a green corridor that is formed under row of old tamarind trees.

Pasar Kembang Kalisari is approximately a half kilometers directly stretch-out along besidet he main street. The site is place directly across the tamarind trees pedestrian as a described in my previous article.

Various color of flowers, lush trees and green leaves always give everybody who pass the street a relieving and fresh ambience during hot days in Semarang.

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