Friday, April 6, 2018

Stadion Diponegoro Semarang

During Dutch Colonial era, this sport stadium known as "Het Stadion te Semarang" or "Stadion Semarang". It already mentioned in a kind of periodical architectural publication dated on September 1934 that is published by Association of Local Engineers. Please also note, that there is another street named as Jl. Ki Mangun Sarkoro in Semarang City, and this sport stadium location is the one that is closer to the famous Simpang Lima area.

There is also noted a historical international moment in the year of 1934, when Lord Baden Powell, who known as the founder of modern scouting movement, locally know as "Pramuka" movement, visited to this sport stadium as part of his world tour.

Another monumental historical documentation regarding this sport stadium is also found in a book of "Semarang, Beeld van Stad". In this photo compilation book, there is found an aerial photo of this sport stadium in front of Semarang old swimming pool building (gemeentelijk zwembad Semarang). The aerial photo is described as aerial photo of Eastern Semarang area taken in the year of 1945, that include area of Karangsari, Karangturi, Pasar Malam and also Stadion Semarang.

There is a remaining cycling track including feature steeply banked oval tracks with leaning or tilting tracks at north-end and south-end sides of the stadium. Meanwhile the spectator seating tribune areas are situated at east-end and west-end sides of the stadium. And of course, central area is dedicated as football playing area. Athletic track is basically provided around the football court.

There are four steel lighting towers that are standing still at four corner sides of this sport stadium. Originally, the stadium is equipped with spotlights that provide illumination level of 32,000 watt.

The stadium originally designed to accomodate about 8,000 standing spectators and 1,000 sitting spectators and another special tribune in the center part that accomodate 400 spectators. Maybe the original fixed wooden benches are already gone from its places. This stadium is designed as public facility that encourage all Semarang citizen, including the student to enjoy sport activities that may increasing their physical health.

Nowadays, this sport stadium is known as Stadion Diponegoro, a military sport facility. Oficially this is the homeground of the local army footbal club and a center of military physical testing and training activities. The stadium management allow public to use this facility, and I think in recent previous days, this stadium is also well-known as a venue for musical concerts and other various type of public events.

Nowadays, when we talk about this Stadion Diponegoro, we will always relate the place with the existence of second hand book seller kiosks that are located around external perimeter of the sport stadium wall. This is quite popular place for local citizen to find and buy various kinds of used books and magazines.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Jamu Jago Building at Jl. Ki Mangun Sarkoro Semarang

Pictures are shown in this posting are captured about more than two years ago. Un-intentionally, I suddenly found the appearance of this Jamu Jago Building when I was visiting a car part shop in Ki Mangun Sarkoro Street near Kampung Kali area. Please also note, currently there are another street that named with similar name of Jl. Ki Mangun Sarkoro in Semarang City which is situated more closer to Simpang Lima area.

This building is situated just almost directly in front of the shop. Its appearance always remind somebody with Art Deco style. I guess the building style is similar to Pertamina Building at Bodjong street and GKBI Building at old city area, particularly in related with the appearance of its prominent rectangular tower at building corner side. 

According to the company website, it is claimed that the company is already established on 1918, but not clearly mentioned about detailed time when this building itself is built. As seen on the pictures, the building looks as a two-storey building with flat roof with white painted walls. Aged wooden louvered windows are painted in turquoise color. There are a neighboring two-storeys building with clay roof with similar white and turquoise colors. It looks like a building with similar age, but I have no information if the building is belong to the same company.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A School and Academy Building, Formerly Known as "van de Venter School"

Actually, in Semarang City we can find many old remaining school buildings. Many of them still run their original functions as education facilities. Commonly, their sites are spacious and well planned as part of old Dutch Colonial city planning. This is one of them, currently know as "Kartini-Social Wellfare School & Academy". The building is situated at Sultan Agung Street. According to the school and academy website, their property is already and officially listed as a preserved heritage building.

As typically find in some old remaining school building in Semarang, the building complex is situated in a large open area within some main building blocks are spreading-out and connected with long open corridors. A big banyan tree, prominently appears in the middle of the school yard.

According to reliable historical notes, this school building is designed in the year of 1923 and become integrated part of the development of new hill city of Semarang, or famously known as "Nieuw Tjandi". 

Friday, March 16, 2018


During my childhood, I always amazed with the appearance of a group of antenna towers are situated at a hill at Gombel. I think it always appear so obvious, even until today when somebody passing the famous Gombel steep road. Most likely, it become popular landmarks belong to the Gombel Hill of Semarang.

And after more than 30 years later, finally I had an opportunity to come closer to the hill where the antenna towers are placed. I'm not sure are these tower are same tower I have seen long time ago, or maybe they are new towers are built on the hill.

At least my childhood curiosity is paid-off. After walked through following small streets, I found an enclosed open ground where all of the towers standing tall. The open ground area is surrounding by perimeter high wall to ensure the antenna towers are included in a secured open area.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pasar Peterongan Revisited:"Where an Old Tree Became a New Landmark"

This picture is captured during my last trip in Semarang City. I was shopping around the nearby shops, when I suddenly caught by surprised by the appearance of an old big tree that obviously found in the new front court yard of the market place. For many years, the existence of this old tree is hidden behind a block of building. After renovation is done, the tree is released from surrounding clutters. The new market place entrance is now situated behind the line where the old tree is originally placed. All of these arrangements create a relieving front court yard with proper size of space for visitors to have orientation before they come inside the market place.

The original appearance of market place shelters, is now also visually exposed after many years are covered and hidden behind many additional buildings. Old picture in associated with this area could be seen in my old blog post I have posted five years ago. This lost old tree is now have reborn again as prominent feature, as a green entrance landmark for an old remaining traditional market place in Semarang City, and maybe give a link to the sory of the past. Its wide spreading canopy not only shade the entrance yard during hot days, but it also become a nice meeting point for the market visitors.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Remaining Old House at Pandanaran Street (Part-2)

This is another house at Pandanaran with oldies appearance. Its appearance remind me of old colonial style building. It is not clear to me, the building is a real old building or just a new building that is built with oldies style. Even we can find another different building in another location in Semarang with almost similar detailed appearance. Behind lush trees covering on its front court yard, we can see glimpse of large open terrace with corinthian columns, high glass doors with wooden louvres and checkerboard pattern on dado wall.

Actually, the existence of this building is also hidden behind a very crowded and busy situation during daily activities. Nowadays, this house is actually surrounding by neighborhood building towers and also very busy retail stores across the street.

Most certainly, its large open court yard give this large house a setback that provide useful barrier against very busy street situation. This building setback arrangement is seemimgly useful to create a large shady court yard with lush green trees that makes this house is quietly secluded from daily crowded busy situation during hot days in Semarang City.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Remaining Old Houses at Pandanaran Street (part-1)

These two pictures are taken five years ago. Nowadays, building appearances are already changed. Actually, Pandanaran Street known as a fast growing commercial and business area in the middle of Semarang City. There are some new building are emerging and vice versa some another building are gone. At least this building is still found on its place, and known as one of some remaining old houses are found and well-preserved.

During my youth I recognized this building as a private university. And when I was visiting Semarang several years ago, I was also experiencing this building as a food retail, before it closed and changed to another function. I passed the street in front of this building last month, and I found it just as an un-occupied building.